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I'm going to play nice I don't need any bad karma.



I made my decision to play nice I'm simply going to ask the HR person to convince me that it's good company to work for considering the CEO was a no show to the second interview I didn't send an email to the HR manager asking for clarification of what happened I never did hear anything and for the second day in a row the voicemail box for the company is full all in all very unprofessional and I don't know that is somebody I want to work for anyways

Peace, love,joy and prayers


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I called the company again today and again the voice mailbox was full I got in another strong armed email from the HR Manager today saying they can bypass the phone interview because they want to talk to me so I replied to her email that I was still interested in talking because I have many questions and I also made it perfectly clear that I have called her and left voicemail messages and also called her and had the mailbox full again I question if this is a company that I really want to work for but there's no harm in meeting and asking the questions that I do have is going to take a lot of convincing for me to work for them but I'd like to talk to them and find out what their position is on their unprofessional conduct I refuse to play any games and being mean I just want them to understand that perceptions from an outsider are that they are unprofessional.



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