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special events



there were a few special events in rehab - there were the night time activities i never seemed to have the energy to participate in... there was "furry friends" where they bought animals in, cooking night which was similar to our saturday cooking groups, art night, for a few days after wed often catch sight of the migrating glitter.... and there were occasional outings where they'd take small groups to dinner or movies, one night they took my roommate and i and the way too young for a stroke guy in the room next to us, to a movie, it was my first time in a wheelchair van and quite an adventure, i was wearing the same clothes that i had on when id had my stroke, which was also the last time id been to a movie.... the teenage male had picked the movie, so we were seeing gattica, not the best choice for someone with ptsd;but it was a change of scenery after two and a half months in the hospital, so i went - three patients and two rec therapists, we went to a twilight show so we were in a mostly empty theater, the other two transferred to the theater seats, i ddidn'tfeel secure enough so stayed in the wheelchair - they brought us popcorn;but my taste buds had changed and it tasted way way too salty, so i ddidn'teat much (at the time i thought it was my meds making food taste off;but now i think its cause of the lstillolostsensation on my left side) - one of the symptoms of pptsdis hhypervigilence ii.ei jump really easily when startled, and there were lots of startle opportunities in the movie.... the first one that took me by surprise i let out a yelp and a jump, both therapists immediately asked if i was ok, i said "sure, i may have another stroke;but otherwise ii'mfine...." the rest of the moving, id jump, the female therp would jump in response, my roommate would glance over to make sure i was ok and the two guys would laugh, i can just imagine what the handful of other patrons thought.... all in all an eventful night... then there were the holidays... my first day in rehab was halloween, the sweetest thing was this small boy that came to our rooms in costume bring us treats, i never found out if he was related to a patient or just doing a good deed;but it was something to smile about - thanksgiving in rehab was interesting, too, i don't remember there being any special dinner, the day itself was pretty quiet, a number of patients had gotten passes to go home and those will family in the area had visitors, therapies were suspended, i spent the day online - the day before thanksgiving, however, was the traditional rehab breakfast, all the therapists cooked breakfast down in the spinal cord units rec room for the patients in both units, it was a fun morning... i was discharged on december 10th, so missed whatever they did for the winter holidays, however the decorations were already up before i left, you think making us steer the chairs around a too narrow hallway made narrower by a fir tree was considered therapy ?


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