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"better than expected...."



one thing i got really tired of hearing was "you did that better than we expected" or worse "we didn't thing you'd be able to do that", i mean it was great that i was doing well and that they were encouraging;but every time i heard it, it just reminded me that they weren't expecting much - one day they took me outside to see if i could get the manual chair up the hill from the parking lot, i made it half way and held onto a sign pole to rest and they said they hadn't expected me to get that far, so i could stop, well, i wouldn't give them the satisfaction and continued up, having to stop every foot or so before continuing, if i were to do it now, id just go up backwards, so much easier... i used to cheat with the chair, go backwards when i could, especially over bumps, id also pull myself along using the railings, i think i should've gotten points for creativity.... up until my discharge, i don't think they believed i could live alone, it took me till 3 days before i left before i could get my weak foot on and off the footrest, id have been in trouble if i hadn't figured that one out.... i did the car transfer thing so that my friend would be able to pick me up - having them say "if you miss the seat, just try really hard to hit the floor of the car, rather than the pavement" didn't help with the warm fuzzy secure feeling.... in rehab they'd take us for showers every few days, most of the time wed get pushed into the shower room, after a bit, my least favorite ot decided to have me transfer to a shower seat, problem was she decided having the hospital slipper socks on my feet would be enough traction... and she planned it for late enough in the day that the floor was already wet...you can see where this is going, i'm sure... when she told me to transfer, the two chairs weren't in a good relative position, and i told her that, she said it was fine, so i tried, my feet started to slip so i sat right back down, i managed to hit the wheelchair;but not very solidly, more of me was over thin air than id have liked - she wanted me to try again, i said i was in the wrong position, my feet were slipping and i wasn't even on the chair, she said i was fine and do it any way, silly me listened.... so, one more there i was on the floor - good thing was, it took less people to get me up, and i grabbed the bar with my good arm and got my good leg under me and at least contributed to the effort - from then on, no matter what the ot said, i always wore my shoes in the shower room, till after i transferred, and i always used a room that had a dry floor... but as i was helping to pull myself up off the floor, she said "you helped more than i thought you could" oh no, not those words again!!!


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