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blog-0305868001438396030.jpgTook Bruce fishing for the first time since 2009. This is a beautiful lake and the handicap access was perfect. Plus in the shade all day. Received lots of help from the people in the bait store, people at the site and friends. The equipment is not right - I used what I found in the garage. But we had a terrific day and lots of fun. Will let you all know how this evolves.


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that is very nice ethyl.  did bruce enjoy it.  can he express enjoyment.

I think I might even enjoy something like this!


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Debbie :


thats such a lovely place. I find nature is most healing place & anything you can do together is so much fun building your fun new normal together.



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The funniest part of all of this was teaching the "city" girl how to fish! Colleen recently took Ray on a fishing excursion and he loved it! So thought I would give it a try. The State website lists all the handicap spots throughout the state. This lake is about 10 miles north of us - the dock is in full shade all day. To the right is the boat launch, so activity there and everyone was just so nice.


The bait store people fixed the line for me and walked me through why I had the parts they gave me. At the dock there was a young Electrician having his coffee and breakfast sandwich, waiting for his work list. He was a huge help.


None of this equipment was correct for what we were doing. It was what I found in the garage. But wasn't about to run out and get all new if Bruce didn't like it.


I am sure it was frustrating for him - one handed. He couldn't cast or worm his own hook. Fortunately I did not have to attempt a catch and release yet - LOL. But all our worms got stolen - that was part of the fun.


Our dear friend Carl and his sons are avid fishermen. Carl is sure they have equipment that will make it easier for Bruce and he may even be able to cast himself with something called a spin cast reel with a button. We shall see.


Go for it David - if nothing else than a pleasant day with nature!

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Debbie you did great with the fishing.  I would have been lost at helping Larry fish too.  


The photo shows Bruce probably enjoyed it more than you know.  You do so much for him.  


I bet the second time he fishes he will "catch on". lol



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