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Our Wedding Anniversary



Our anniversary is today. 16 glorious years. Yes, we got married when we were quite young (both 22). Plus, we had dated for 2 years before that.


I have heard alot lately about "for better or worse" and "most men wouldn't have stuck it out" from people lately. I am shocked. I love this woman more than myself. What do people think? That I was going to run out on her? Leave her to take care of herself? This is just a setback. We have been able to find the humor in much of the things that are happening to Lisa. Things are starting to come around and I want to be there for them, and for her.




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Guest lwisman




Good for you for sticking it out.


The statistics put you in the minority, unfortunately. The statistics I have seen say 90% of men and 50% of women leave their spouses after they have a stroke.


These are sad statistics. Makes you stop and wonder what this world is coming to.

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Wow, Lin, I knew the percentages were high for guys leaving their spouses after an illnesses, but I didn't know it was that high! It really is sad that marriage vows don't really mean much to a lot of people other than a big party where you get to dress up and say them in front of friends and family.



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you have every right to be shocked. you are a RARE man, for sure. lin is correct. i will say this not to "husband bash", but when i was in a coma with my stroke and not expected to live, he went to biloxi for two days with his friends to gamble and "get his mind off things". he wasn't there when i woke up. my family tells me he was RARELY there.


i only found this out a few months after i was "more myself" and could comprehend it. i take that back, i STILL can't comprehend it. i have held in this anger for over 18 months. it BREAKS my heart is what it does butch. i now know, he would have left me had i not "come back".


thank GOD for men like you and michael, to name the first two who come to mind, who have character, and TRULY LOVE, their wives. i'm crying now, tears of happiness for you and lisa, and you know what the other tears are for!!!


kim Sob.gifSob.gifSob.gifSob.gifSob.gifSob.gifSob.gifSob.gifSob.gif

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its so refreshing to read ur post, reminds me there r still nice guys out, and my hubby is not in minority




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Happy aniversary biggrin.gif


2 more months till my 4th.


We should form a minority club.



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Happy Anniversary!!

I have been with hubby 13 yrs...we have been sticking by each other..have been taking "turns" the last few years ..mostly minor until I had this stroke and in November he was diagnosed with melanoma, had extensive surgery in January. WE hang onto each other and GOOD for you too!!!

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My DH (20 yrs this Sept) slept on a cot in hosp for 3 weeks then off to work, so I had someone there ---then drove 100miles round trip daily to Chicago in the winter during rush hour to see me at Rehab Int. of Chicago after work during rush hour. He let me tease him during some of my therapies and (I'm sure I tested his temper at least a time or two) never gave into it.


I can do 98% of what I used to but not sure what it would be if not for him... I've heard this horrible %'s are almost the same for women with drinking challenges, and my FIL defied those odds with my MIL also, I picked a DH from strong stock!



Glad to hear your one of those rare men and what's great is its beyond your comprehension to think otherswise!!!!!! YOU'RE KIND OF GUYS ARE A RARE GIFT INDEED!! spoton.gif

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First congratulations! Now, would someone please tell me why people who are married to people who have strokes etc. feel they have the right to leave. What if the tables were reversed? (I find those statistics surprising) We are supposed to believe that they will get theirs. Probably so, but we don't always get the chance to see it. Here's to another 16 years to Lisa and you and 16 after that and 16 again........at least.
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