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Anniversary...Part II



Thanks you guys for the support and kind words in Part I. I have told Lisa about this site and what you have done for me. This place has really helped me out since I have joined.


Now on to the Day!!! Lisa was supposed to have an MRI that morning, but Bayshore screwed up transportation so we rescheduled. Lisa said "Great! Let's get out of here!!" I'm like, "Right now?" She says, "Hell Yes." So, I sign her out and it's down to PT to get her therapist to assist us in getting Lisa transferred to my car.


With Therapist and transfer board and belt in tow, we're off to the parking lot. My first transfer by ourselves (I say ourselves because there are two people involved)

went real slick. The therapist said we did very well and she had no reservations about us leaving. Off we go!!!


I hit the freeway to drive up the North Shore of Lake Superior. The radio is on, the sunroof is open, and it's a beautiful day. I turned to look at Lisa. She has a smile on her face. She hasn't been 'out' since February. I think I was happier than she was. We drive 27 miles to the next city, stop at Dairy Queen for treats, and return back to Duluth.


Back in town, I asked her what she wants to do next. "Go to my work. They can come out and see me." OK, no problem. We get there and she wants to go in. We had no plans of getting out of the car until we go back to Bayshore so I'm a little nervous. But, with some planning and alot of discussion, I get her in her chair and through the door. I'm glad I did. They were shocked to see her. One of her co-workers was slow Lisa got the full treatment (haircut, manicure, pedicure). I just sat in the corner and stayed out of the way.


Now it's back in the car. Lisa wants pizza(she recently was placed on a regular diet with her only restrictions on liquids). I call and order from where she wants it, pickup, and we go to her folks to eat it outside. While were eating, our daughter calls and walks up to join us. It was very nice.


It's late. Time to go back. I get no argument from Lisa. She is tired and content. Tranfers are no problem anymore and we know that she can now leave anytime we want. Back at Bayshore, I am standing in the hall while the aides are getting her in bed. I am exhausted but happy. The aides come out and tell me she wants to see me. I walk in and sit on the edge of her bed. She is just looking at me. I say, "What?" She replies, "Thank you for the best anniversary ever." I reply, "No, thank you."




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I had a big smile on my face reading this. Very nice for both of you to have this day!




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