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My physical Condition Has Changed



Well you all I don't get around much any more, my walking has gone away from what it was when I first got out the hospital 12 years ago... So I know without having another stroke my physical abilities has changed every since our trip to to Vegas back earlier this year when I mentioned my falls on the shuttle buss.... Then I had my right knee operated on to put the tendons back to the muscles..


My left side has been paralyzed from the stroke so I can't depend on it very much to help me walk or get about... So I don't get out very much and when I do it's on the scooter I use to get around that I keep in the car for that purpose.... It makes me think back to when I was able to work at Walmart as a greeter on the door for three years before I decided to stop and stay home when my wife returned to work...


I miss being able to do more things around the house but the little things like standing up from the bed is a task now and I can't stoop down to pick up anything from the floor I must use a reacher.... Putting food in the dog's bowl and water bowl is a task I can't do now.... Even trying to use my left hand to help me hold things I can't do anymore... So the paralyses is still present on my left side that makes me realize I can do the things I once could do easily at one time...


I got a lot to overcome in my healing process over the next few years after having my 74th birthday last week.... I will continue to try improving in what I can do but I do feel bad for what I can no longer do now... I don't even get on the computer like I used to do months ago... It's hard to get up out the computer chair too....


I don't eat much anymore either because going to the toilet is another problem getting myself back on my feet and I use the raised seat to make it higher and it's still hard to do.... Oh well I'm alive and that's a plus in my life after 12 years of this stroke plus arthritis in both knees and paralyses on my left side head to toe..... That's how my physical condition has changed in the past 12 years..... Maybe more will come that I can do later on I pray....


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I am so sorry to hear this Fred! You will be in my thoughts and Prayers! Glad you still have a positive attitude. I joined this group about a year and a half ago and you have always been so positive and always willing to help with great advice! Keep pushing forward--your an inspiration to a lot of us!

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Fred, you know you are in my thoughts and prayers. You have been one of the shining lights in my acceptance and struggle with this stroke recovery. You will always be my hero! One day at a time, you know this - you taught it to me! Be safe and continue to push through.

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Fred, there are handle bars that are on either side of the toilet seat that help you rise.   Someone gave me a riser, so I bought the handles separate.  They are not firm, like you can easily lift them, I guess to sweep under them, but they bear up when you are sitting or getting up.   Look for toilet support bars at the online walmart or amazon site.

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Thanks Sandy,  


The VA got me set up with that kind of seat with the bars but I removed the bars so my wife could use the commode too and get up... I finally learned how to get up on my own strength and feet in the right place on the floor...


Thanks to each of you for your kind comments.....

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Fred, Sorry to hear of your difficulties. See what else the VA can do for you as far equipment goes, home remodeling and even some extra $$ for the wife as caregiver. Good luck my friend.

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