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Well, It's Time To Blog Again



I haven't blogged in quite some time and the reason is nothing much has changed in my condition... I'm still at home with the little dog while my grand daughter is back in school and by the way she turns 11 years old tomorrow the 17th... I guess she will have plenty to say when I pick her up after school tomorrow...


I'm sure she will hit the door looking for birthday presents from all her family members especially me, grand Pa.... I'm sure her mom and grandma has gotten her some gifts they just haven't told me yet...


I have been spending most days outside under the tree sitting on my scooter with the dog while we both try to stay cool and out of the direct sun which stays in the low 100's or 98, 99 degree ranges... I'm noticing the leaves are starting to fall so that season is right around the corner here in Texas and everywhere I suppose....


I get tired of being inside watching the TV with all the talk about who will become the next President of the US... Maybe there will be more on Cuba since they raised the American flag over the American Embassy a couple days ago... I guess many from the US will be making plans to visit Cuba real soon... I wonder what the price will be to get there and back??


I will wait awhile before I am in any shape to travel that far away from home what ever the cost... I like looking at the old american cars they are still driving which must have thousands of miles on them by now... I wonder if any of the drivers now will want to buy new cars to replace the one they been had for so long???


I think that would be a fun trip to visit Havana Cuba again for many Americans who has not been there for so many years.....


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