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Memorial service an eye opener



My wife's uncle passed away this week we had a memorial service for him.

During the visitation. I talked with Don achildhood neighbor of my wife and he asked how was doing. My standard response is " all things considered I'm doing well", he said I'll say so the last time I saw yoh, you were in a wheel chair, that was Christmas 2014. What a difference 20 months,hard work and stubbornness can make.

I must remember those days and not take for granted any part of my life.


One of the songs we sang and the minister talked at length about was amazing Grace

I realized it is gods grace that I'm here today. I was blind but now I see.

I was blinded by the assumption that hard work andoney would bring happiness. Now I derive my happiness by helping others and giving hope.

I'm so blessed I thank and praise God for saving me and I hope I can meet his/ her expectations

My eyes were opened through the death of uncle David.

God does work mysterious ways.

Be well my friends

Peace, love, hoy and pt



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Yes congratulations. For surviving and thriving. We learned we cant take it with us. All that matters is the love and care we have for each other.

you are a blessing encouraging and comforting.

I also am out of the wheelchair but still struggle so I know what it is like. Many prayers to you.

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