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Memorial service an eye opener



My wife's uncle passed away this week we had a memorial service for him.

During the visitation. I talked with Don achildhood neighbor of my wife and he asked how was doing. My standard response is " all things considered I'm doing well", he said I'll say so the last time I saw you, 1ql you were in a wheel chair, that was Christmas 2014. What a difference 20 months,hard work and stubbornness can make.

I must remember those days and not take for granted any part of my life.


One of the songs we sang and the minister talked at length about was amazing Grace

I realized it is gods grace that I'm here today. I was blind but now I see.

I was blinded by the assumption that hard work andoney would bring happiness. Now I derive my happiness by helping others and giving hope.

I'm so blessed I thank and praise God for saving me and I hope I can meet his/ her expectations

My eyes were opened through the death of uncle David.

God does work mysterious ways.

Be well my friends

Peace, love, hoy and pt



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Jay :


great blog & thanks for sharing your experiences we are also learning & growing in wisdom with your blog.  I also feel in this second shot at life I need to be happy & should be fun person to be around. and I promise myself I never want my family to go through any pain because of me & be present as much possible that when I finally die they will really miss me



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Asha Amazingly kind words, we all grow in wisdom together with each other's blogs, sharing is a gift we give each other

I can only speak for myself, but anyone who can withstand the trials, tribulations and victories( even the small ones), has got to be alright. For example my wife and children and your hubby and son.

I look forward to the opportunity for all of us to meet and share our war stories.

Peace, love, joy and prayers to all,


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