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Selling my Grandmother on EBay



I have a decent job, J has a decent job but, the stroke has caught up with us. With insurance, we didn't expect the bills to be quite so high.


With house payments, two car payments, Ryan's braces, Katie's tuition, and Doctor bills, etc., etc., we're squeezing nickles here.


I can't take the collection calls, and dunning letters. I've made the decision to sell some of my Grandmother's stuff. It was a really tough decision but, I think she'd understand.


Her Jewelry is going on EBay today. She left me a diamond ring, and a pair of diamond earrings, some pearl and jade pieces. These are things she wanted me to pass down. I hope she'd understand.


I feel awful. My grandmother died shortly after my stroke. I don't remember her funeral, but I was released from the hospital to attend it.


It's kind of like I'm selling my Grandmother on Ebay. She would have said "Things are things, and you can always replace things" ... But, these are her things and it hurts to have to give them up.


I just don't see another option.


I won't sell the cameo that her Grandmother gave her, I'll keep it for my favorite Granddaughter someday. Yeah, I was the favorite of 7 girls.

And now I'm selling my grandmother on EBay.


I hope she'd understand.




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As hard emotionally as the decision was to sell your grandmothers things, look at it this way. Yes, holding onto jewelery has a strong emotional impact. But bottom line, it is all just "stuff" "STUFF" accumulates in our lives, but do you use it everyday, does it make your life better, beyond the knowledge and comfort knowing you are in possession of it? Family heirlooms are wonderful to have to pass down, but it isn't life or death if you don't have it to pass down. We are just tempory caretakers of the stuff. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do to survive. Enough of my philosphy, it is just how I look at things and justify it.


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if she wanted to be remembered and have her most prized possessions passed on, well, that would be you - you and your memories are whats being kept in the family, i think she'd not only understand;but be honored that she could help !!!




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oh, i forgot to put this in the last response.... - have you tried renegotiating your bills ? call the companies and say you're recovering from a stroke and you need smaller bills or might have to go bankrupt - they'd much rather make a deal and get less than risk losing everything, including a customer - may not work or be enough;but its worth a try - good luck!!




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I am sure Grandma is cheering you on and hoping for a high bid!

Teasl is right if you call you may be able to get the payments decreased, some may even lowerr their interest rate but you have to ask and tell them medical problems.

Good luck...we have been there too.If it's not one struggle it's ten


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Vicki, I'm sure your grandmother would understand. I hope you get a good deal for the stuff. Good luck with your sale and listen to the advice of the others, call your creditors and tell them about the stroke. They would probably agree to reduced payments rather than none at all.

Good luck, Jim


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Vicki, don't feel badly. My cousin sold (for no reason other than she didn't like them) some needlepoint dining room chair covers her mother spent hours on. A few years later her daughter married and she loved things like that. Sometimes things that are passed on have no meaning to the people getting them and they basically toss them. Don't feel badly, you will feel more secure and the person buying them will appreciate them. Short story. We once bought a colander (used) at a farm vegetable stand. My Mom said oh, it could probably tell a lot of stories if it could talk. I would think of that each time I used it and I loved it. No, it wasn't stainless or perfect (had a small dent - wondered how it got there) My home etc. was sold by my family. Stuff was thrown out. It upsets me because it had been saved for years and I managed to live, and will now have to repurchase even simple things. My niece made the decicion on things--- Probably, because it was stainless and shiny, I won't find it in the things still packed until I move to my own place. And there was the glazed cracked china canister set which my Mom probably got when she married.I rembered it from when I was a child- gone.That's what younger generations think of things. Maybe to your daughter, or whoever, the setting wasn't right. Grandma will understand.


As for bills. Everyone is willing to take little for longer. When I had my fist stroke, I didn't haveany insurance and certainly not enough fpr even a small simple stroke. The hospital set an amount I could work with and I paid that amount every month until paid. Same with Dr.s. Just send a letter or call and see what ccan be worked out.

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I am sorry that you have to deal with the riggors of life. I just wanted to add my support to the others and let you know that the "been there done that" scenario "got the t shirt" kinda thing is relevent to the past ten years or so of my life as well.


The previous posts all have sound advice and you are right stuff is stuff and people come first.


Hang in there ...you will make it.


Big smiles biggrin.gif




ps thank you for your post to my fall prevention thread. (still lol_2.gif )

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i am "stealing this comment" from hostmichael. "been there, done it, got a t-shirt, and BURNED IT!!!!!!!" grandmother would understand. the sad thing is that i earn enough money to pay my bills, and then some. PROBLEM IS, i forget to pay them or pay them twice. it's a NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



financial stress is no day at the beach, to say the least. i am so sorry vicki. but "ya gotta do what ya gotta do". i will be thinking about you everyday on this and drawing very deeply from inside myself that your pain and stress is lessoned.



love ya

kim pash.gif

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Sorry to hear your pain. Sometimes you just wonder when your storm cloud will move from over you head. Grandma would want you to take care of your needs. She lived a long enough life to have understanding of changing situations. God Bless and may the sunshine find you soon.

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Its hard to give something up you truly love. I am sure your grandmother is cheering you on, and that she hopes the best for you. I hope everything works out

- Lex

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