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Migraine for days



I'm sick - my head hurts so bad it's taken hours to read the posts and blogs from the last few days. I have had a version of this headache for three days


with one eye closed, I type this blog, just to stay off page 2.


Lin, if your reading the blogs, I still want to get together this weekend, but, I'm seeing the nuero for this damn headache this afternoon.


I'll email you when I get home- I can't even think straight now.


And Pam, there's no ponytail involved. So I don't know what's causing this.


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I hope your feeling better soon. If it's migraine I certaintly do understand, our daughter has suffered from severe migraine since she was 12, she's now 21.


Take Care of Yourself...........


Kim smile.gif

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well- they think I have lyme's on top of the stroke - oh goodie!


At least that explains the headache!


More tests on Saturday - right away, means it's not good on a holiday weekend - right?


oh well - "you live with the cards you are dealt" ----





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That would explain a lot of the extreme tiredness, too, wouldn't it? Hope you get a confirmation soon. At least they have a treatment for Lyme's, don't they?



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Vicki, If it is Lymes you can start the antibiotic and be feeling better before two weeks is up. Not to downplay how you've been feeling, but I have had Lyme's alot, not a big deal if it gets treated with meds. It is awful if it goes on untreated, has devestating affects that are long term. So be glad you'll be treated and will recover.

Take care and be well,


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Just caught up with your blog. Hope you are feeling better. How did the tests go on Saturday.

Let us know how you get on

Take care, keep well, thinking of you


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Going to a specialist on Tuesday - the neuro doesn't know much (I Knew That!!) - they won't put me on meds or whatever they do, til then. I'll let you all know what they tell me.


In the meantime - you all stay out of the woods!! angry.gif


Love ~V

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