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I'm HOT!



We're not talking "sexy" hot here - for that check Pam and Kim's blogs with their mystery men.


I'm talking HOT, set the room on fire, leave ashes in my wake, hot!


Ok, take the after effects of a stroke, mix in some menopause, stir in 90 degree weather, and I'm HOT!


One hot flash and get out of my way - I'm heading for the freezer to put a bag of peas on my neck.


Do not cross me when I'm this hot - you will get burned.


Do not waste my time telling me "this too shall pass", because I can bet you've never been this damn HOT.


I'm hot to the point I b*t*ched at Jerry, "all you ever do is suck up the cool air" - (that even sounded dumb for me.) like he was diverting the fans breeze all to himself.


But, I'm HOT! and I'm whining! And I'm off page two.






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lol so i suppose u could say ur hot huh vicky im not gonna say this to shall pass

get some ice cubs put in a cold bath and cool downhun its to early to b hot flowers.gif

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something's a changing (for me) i'm getting the mini-hots where its like 'quick open all the windows or blast that a/c coupled with nasty (like my brain is swelling in my skull) headaches. i want airrrrrr.......... usually get headaches about once a month and enjoyed them being awol for maybe 6 months. now i've had two whopper ones in a few days, crap.... just thought that you'd enjoy some company....i hate knowing you'll never know how you'll feel each day....i hope you get some kind of respite....maybe work with a walk-in cooler could be found????? maybe that's a solution for all of us..... blush.gif

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Hi Vicki and Scrappier,


There's a cure for menopausal hot flashes. It's called time. You ladies are giving me terrible flash backs. I was such a witch during my change of life....such a quaint little way of putting it...that's it's a wonder Don and I are still together. Hang in there, eventually get gets better and post menopausal life is pretty good.



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wisconsin can NOT be as hot as alabama. I AM HOT TOO!!!!!!!!!!! and that ..."all u do is suck up cool air.." is the funniest thing i've heard in awhile. i can not WAIT to use that on someone. i would give ANYTHING for a snow storm.



kim Argh.gifArgh.gifArgh.gif

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I hate being hot too..I'm over the menopause thing..this is a different hot and I totally understand..people here would prbably kill me, but it has been cool and rainy and it feels good. lots of nights I go to bed with a cold wash cloth..there is something out called a "chillow" it is a pillow that you chill..think I may try looking for one....maybe two ..one to use and one to keep chillin for when the onther is no longer cold.......I do have some of those blue ice packs in the fridge...

good luck....Bonnie

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