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off the dreaded page 2



Well, Pam was right - again. Sometimes, the fact that she's always right, just irritates me! LOL -


I got a shot of something so powerful they had to sit with me for 45 minutes -( watching in case I had a bad reaction) - and a new antibiotic pill for 10 days - and they'll wipe the lyme's out.


I didn't catch it soon enough so I'll have residual effects - stiff joints and all ... but, hell I'm a survivor, how bad can it be?




I've lived through worse and I'm stilll here to talk about it!


I should get rid of the constant headache ( that has turned into a migraine that would kill a normal person ) by Sunday. tongue.giftongue.gif And the fever's should go away too - which is good. Hot Flash with a fever of 100 in a 98 degree room makes a woman unbearable - Flame-On.gif


So, here I am late for chat, but off page two!


Bonnie's right it's moldy there!!!




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Yeah it sucks to be me. blush.gif I only know about Lymes from having had it so much, we live in deer tick capitol of the world.

Just a footnote- if you didn't catch it quick enough and you'll have lasting effects, you should research the effects of Lymes, so you know what is Lymes or something else. Because I know some people who are completely disabled from the effects of Lyme's. Not trying to scare you, just give you a heads up.


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Ok Smarty Pants - I looked up Lyme's on the web blush.gif Something I really didn't want to do because I was kind of scared of what I'd find.


I don't have anything respitory, and according to what I've read I can't die from this.


I will be buying a flea and tick collar later today just to be on the safe side biggrin.gif

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Who is the flea and tick collar for? I hope not you and one of your pets?????

No, it wasn't respitory, but your joints and kidneys. Nope, you're not gonna die.


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