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Yesterday the hill.....today the stairs.....



As the heading says, this was the way it was. Yesterday the bloody long steep hill......today it was the 15 minute walk before spending a horrendous 15 minutes pounding up and down steps of the race course grandstand. The calf muscles felt it first, then the knees. And then it was the lungs and heart.


But.....I feel better for it.....or so I like to think. And today I remembered the chest/heart monitor and the wrist gizmo. Sadly, I forgot I was wearing them until late afternoon! ;-(


Tomorrow I do the brisk 30 minute walk. And then it's back to the bloody hill again. And I am doing all this torture in the named of medical research. Though I admit that I am also doing it for the betterment of my health.


I also went to the library today and borrowed a book called "Pain" which initially looked like a kids cartoon type of publication.....but as they say: Never judge a book by its cover. It's damn good. Can't remember which ppl wrote it, but as it's in the study some distance away, and as it's after 11.00pm, and as it's bloody cold....you will all have to wait until tomorrow when I get myself out of bed and blog again. Then I can give you all the details.


G'night zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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The book I got from the library yesterday is called "Explain Pain". Authors are David Butler and Lorimer Moseley. Publisher is Noigroup Publications. ISBN is 978-0-9750910-0-5. It's a terrific book for chronic pain sufferers....IMHO, that is!

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My neuro Physio Brendon in Clifton Hil, is one of the NOI founders.  I wish you lived closer to town so you could go see him.

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