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I had most of today to myself, as Jules went tol Melbourne to spend the day browsing the fashion shops with daughter Mia. So just as I decided to cook Moroccan meatballs, architect Ian dropped by for coffee, and stayed for an hour or so. Then I managed to get into cooking after he left.


It takes me an age to cook these days, as having only one effective hand means I have to be careful with everything, specially the super sharp knives. I'm not much good at finely chopped onion, for example, unless I want to include some finger....which I don't! And while measuring out spices is easy, cracking an egg is still hard...without getting some shell into the pot as well!


I guess most of we survivors who enjoy cooking have to adopt different ways of doing things to people who are not in the slightest disabled. But someow we manage.


The meatballs are now cooked and sitting in the 'fridge until we have them for dinner tomorrow night (with salad and cous cous), as this evening we have been invited out to a wonderful couple, Ian and Simon, who live just down the street. Ian, who is an outstanding cook, still loves simple food so we are having corned beef, mashed potatoes and greens.


Anyhow, I digress.


After finishing the cooking I went for my half hour fast paced walk, and really felt it in my calfs, which are obviously still feeling yesterday's stair walking! But if I dont walk, the body starts to seize up, and Moochie the dog loves it. I wish I had her boundless energy!.


When I got home I jumped in the car and did a quick tour of the food shops and bakeries as Jules' best friend is training it up from Melbourne tomorrow to spend the day with her, and she is a vegetarian. So Jules wanted me to check on which were the best looking vegetarian pasties and savoury tarts.


So I have had an interesting day, and Jules arrives back at the Kyneton station at 4.30, where I will pick her up.


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Aren't those quiet days wonderful??? My wife is at the bank all day working and every other Saturday too so she is tired out from supervising 7 tellers at the drive in bank while I have picked up something for us to eat when she get home and not have to cook.....

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Hi Mitch I've recently started cooking regularly again.  For a long while I did the make do with pre prepared stuff routine.  But about 4 months ago I started seeing the nutritionist based at my gym so as a result I've been slowly cleaning up the diet.  Which means I have to cook for myself, so I can control what goes in and portion size etc.  The diet is all about getting me more energy, by improving blood flow and mascle quality. It was working really well until I went and pushed too far on the exercise ramp up.  So at my last check up my numbers were down, where they'd been on a nice steady improve.


I'm doing the cook once a week thing, about 8 portions that I then divide and freeze as single serves.  I'm mostly using the slow cooker so I don't have to chop finley for most things, and I only peel things that have particularly tough skins.  I've bought a mini food processer for when I need to do something like fine chop onions. One handed cooking is slow work, but worth the effort.  I'm loving the slow cooker as I can pretty much ignore it once it starts.  And it doubles as a pressure cooker I made a really good no stiring required risotto the other night.


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