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Told to go to my room



I have taken pain meds with me to two doc appts. Because by the time I get there,do the thing,get picked up again in an hour window, allow for traffic,getting in...it could go past med time,depending upon when I take the last dose. So they packaged up meds including pain pill for me to take on time. But not today. Transportation came but they said it was not allowed to send the pill with me. I knew I would be gone when the time came for a pill. The nursing supervisor said no. So I walked slowly but surely to the lobby and front admin office to speak to the director. The receptionist told me to go to my room but I dismissed her. She called nurse and cna who came and said I either be taken back to room or be escorted out to the van. Nurse told me no matter what,there was nothing I can ever do to get to take a pill with me and said I should just go to the appt. I repeated:nothing? Nurse said: Nothing!! So, I poked my head into admin office and said"excuse me" and she came out,sat with me in lobby and I showed her that paperwork for taking meds out of here so she went to nurse and then came back to me and said doc has to give an order so the other appointments I can take it with me. But she said the best thing is to schedule my appts close after I take a pill. Well I did that but some could not be done.


So I rescheduled neuro appt and I wait for dr permission to take meds with me.

Today I leave after taking pain med and will return in time for next dose.

When I returned to room, everyone had heard about my audacity. But hey,I got to speak with director.


This feels like prison with bingo.


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The doc put in the order that i am allowed to take meds with me when i go out of the facility. HA, never say never to an Irish lass, it is simply a challenge,not a defeat.

I am looking forward to the time when that psychonursie has to pack up the meds to go for me.

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Pam :


you continue to amaze me & also I m scared of you too lol. you perseverance inspires me to make sure to fight for things I feel I need.



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