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SassyBetsy's Day Out



I got up,dressed,breakfasted,and then transportation arrived to take me to the dermatologist. I had my pain pill tucked in my Betsy Bag. All I needed were morning meds to send me off. Psychonursie was there to provide them along with a glare and repeating the question why did I need to carry a pill was I going to be gone 4 hours. Her face was livid. I actually did return late,after pill time, and I had to deal with Bossynursie who demanded to know why my doc had ordered new meds,why change or add,what for? I gave the paperwork and asked her to give it to the doc here so he can order it here. Bossy said no,she was going to supervisor because I had enough. Wow. I said my dermatologist specialist from top med center wants to do this, and who the h÷!! are you? She left in a huff and supervisor came in while I was talking to the facility doctor, whom I had paged. In the end, my derm's meds and instructions were ordered for me just like it said on the paperwork. But I grow weary of the constant battle. I use special shampoo and a new little bottle came in,but she wanted the old bottle given to her to discard. It was not expired. I said no firmly and asked if she wanted to discuss not wasting it with the supervisor too. She left in a huff. I had not been given a med when I returned, in time for it,but psychonurse did not give it to me,recorded it as not taken, even tho I saw her so I reported that to supervisor and the doc had to be called again because I needed that gabapentin. Bossy had said no too late. But doc said give it.


I am being ďriven to edge,but today I met with daughter, drove by the coast with the window down, bought slipper shoes, nail polish and some snacks. It was a lovely feeling to be AWOL. It was like christmas to buy a few belongings of my own. The breakout was wonderful. And a glimpse of the past. I agonize over what was lost, and Yet I can find joy in now and hope for future.Little happy minutes. When I feel the outside living going on.


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Pam all freedom is precious.  Enjoy every moment of when you are out in the great outdoors.  So sorry you have the huffy encounter with Bossy nurse. Why do they have to make you miserable because they are miserable?  I often wondered that with encounters I had with hospital nurses during Ray's many hospitalizations.  Does it hurt them to smile I used to wonder?.

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Have you ever heard of the Zimbardo study? It shows how authority can change a person and how those not in charge get "learned helplessness."


I was out free feeling loved. That gave me wings. I dislike how others around me here are treated so I will not allow it for me. I cant control it for others,but I have noticed roomie is speaking up more. That can happen.courage is contagious.


But I have been retaliated against. Small things. And ignored.

But there are some cnas here that come in sit and confide in me about their lives.Some that bring me a cup of tea when they start shift.


Some smile. Some have a mean streak,like to instigate a problem rather than console,heal.


Roomie said she has been told to mind her own business when she speaks up about our other roomie who cant speak. So sometimes she helps me,but other times she is quiet,afraid.


One nurse goes to roomie and tells her what a pleasure it is to see her,and luydovy chitchat. Then comes to me and states blandly,here is your medication, and walks away. Women are caddy and know how to emotionally retaliate. I dont care if I am not nursies pet. I want other things more.


I want to be a good person but I am not compliant so I have a reputation. But do I care if people like this like me? I have lost everything and they are fortunate yet they behave this way.


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