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My neurologist says I am suffering from "bad recovery"



That's the score. My neurologist has talked to my neurophysio and they have both arrived at the conclusion that I am suffering from bad recovery.


Apparently my brain, after almost 6 years has started to reorganise itself, but instead of doing it in a "good" or "right" way, it is doing so in a "bad" way. So I asked him how we could re-organise the brain. He simply shrugged his shoulders and said, in a kind way, that he was uncertain. Now, he is a top guy, and assisted Alistair Clarkson, coach of the Hawthorn football club when he had a brain problem. Those who know about the AFL will understand.


The neurologist's name is Nick Crump, and I trust him implicitly.


He has determined that I should undergo more rehab, and because I no longer have private health cover he is trying to arrange for me to go to the nearest big hospital....in a town called Sunshine about 75 km from Kyneton.


So there's my challenge..... To try to turn my "bad recovery" around and make it "good recovery". Who knew? Curse my damned brain! Why, after just over five years, has it decided to reorganise itself in a "bad" way?


Has anyone else had this problem? Did any of you know about good recovery and bad recovery? And if so, how did you solve the "bad" recovery?


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Hi Mitch I know it's possible and I've met some people who've had it happen.  The brain mis-connects some of the nerve impulses it's now receiving, because it no longer has the proper connections it wants to assign these no longer recognised input to something and it seems to connect them at random, so e.g. basic touch signals get interpreted as pain, or sensations from your little finger get connected to the finger next to it, etc.  So correction is about retraining and using your neuro-plasticity to your advantage.   You've got the NOI explain pain book, it should have some strategies and suggestions.  Make sure you discuss it with your new rehab team.


Good luck


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Mitch thanks for sharing, I personally had never heard of a "bad recovery"

What a concept, the brain is a mysterious organ isn't it?


Good luck and keep us posted so if it happens to us down the road we'll have some idea of what's going on and how we may be able to proceed.

Be we'll stay strong,


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Well if it could reorganize once then hopefully it can do it again. I have central pain syndrome so I curse my brain too. It is hard to wait for healing and keep working at it. But we continue the march in hope. In the meantime enjoy the journey.

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