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I went for a diabetic eye exam and had some nifty retina scan. Good news is all is alright and even my beautiful glasses are still working perfectly. Blessings today.


I mentioned I have nystagmus and double vision from stroke. The doc referred me to another doc who treats it. I have never seen a doc for this since my stroke.never knew I could,and I went to an eye dr right away. Thankfully I am at a huge university medical center with research and resources. So much better than the private docs I saw who did nothing. I am getting better treatment for all my problems.


I insist on going to these specialists and make my own appointments from the nursing home. Today that nutty nurse had to give me pills to take with me to the appt. It was good too because I was gone a long time. Yes, I gloated inside,but smiled and said thank you like a lady. Pff...never she said.

My transport guy is wonderful.He really is caring and friendly. He makes me laugh but I like how he says do not worry,I am here. Feeling safe is something I need when I go out in public. I am surrounded by strangers now,so a kindness is appreciated. He takes me many times,now I request him. He says I have a personal driver. I laugh. Inside the pain of not driving is still unbearable. But he makes my trips ok.


So here is another avenue to explore. So far they tell me to wear eye patch to help. I naturally close one eye to read,watch tv,phone. Annoying. But now I go get to talk to a new doc about this. Hope springs eternal.

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Having a personal driver is good, someone friendly who says "I am here to help" is what we all needs in our shakier moments.  Sounds like you are slowly building yourself up again in confidence and courage.

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