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Party pooper



I went to a wedding Saturday, it was beautiful and my good friend the father of the bride, sang the wedding song, so proud of him. I don't know how he did it when my daughter got married two years ago I had a hard time not crying walking her to the alter, there is no way I could sing at it. Anyway the food was great, but a challenge to cut the beef trying to use my left hand weak side and cut with right almost dumped theplate a few times

About 9 pmi was talking with a friend and said remember when we were the ones on the dance floor? He said yea now I don't know what to do maybe just watch for a few then go home. I said I'm exhausted not sure if its my age orresult of the stroke or a combination of the two.

I prefer to blame it on the stroke notmy modestly advanced years. Lol

Peace jay


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