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A tribute to dad



There is an older gentleman that I see while having my coffee and either reading or writing. I saw him twice today, the second time he said are you still at it? I said yes no matter what I do I give 110%, I attribute that to my father, who said I don't care what you do as long as you give 100%, in fact if you dig ditches you make sure they are the best damn ditches anyone has ever seen.

Then I added I'm happy to say I've passed that work ethic on to my children. The old man said you're a good father and a tribute to your dad

My dad passed away in 2001 I know he is smiling down on me for continuing his legecy of a strong work ethic

Thanks dad that advise served me well over the years and I'm sure it will serve my children well also. Thanks dad I loveyouabdmiss you





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