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Volunteeribg today a win win situation



I went to the hospital to check on my two patients, when I asked the nurse to see if W wanted company, he said she's resting. Every time she tried to lay down and rest another therapist came to give her another round of treatment, I said let her rest I'll try to see her on Saturday.

I had looked at her schedule for the day I would have been resting too.

On to number 2 the nurse j is find I'm sure she'd love to see you.

I walk in and said hi do you remember me she thought for a minute and said yes you're jay. I of course made a big deal out of that and admitted I had to look on the schedule to recall her name.

We chatted for almost 30 minutes. She struggled a few times to find the right words. I assured her I would never be judgemental about anything like that.

She tanked me many times for visiting her.

I told her I would be back. She said good I really like visiting with you.


She then decided she wanted to take a nap, I saw one of the therapist and asked if she could assist J in bed to take a nap.

She graciously did and thanked me for letting her know. I know my role.

As I left her room I encountered the director of rehab, she asked how things were going so I have a brief run down left w to rest and had a great visit with J.

She thanked me for volunteering and said how nice it is that I am meeting with the survivors. I of course thanked her for allowing me to meet with them .

It truely is a win win situation.

Peace, love,joy and prayers,



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Being a mentor to stroke survivors is a wonderful thing to do Jay.  I wish there had been someone like you to talk to Ray when he had had those first couple of strokes.  Just knowing you are not alone, or the only one makes such a difference.

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Sue, that is how I approach my new found friends. It took me almost a year to realize I wasn't the only one. I can't niacin how different my first year if recovery would have been with a mentor.


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