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Stroke Survivors ... They're everywhere



After our stroke support group Tuesday, which I was the only one there. Far be it for me to complain when I have a captive audience. 2 young attractive therapist, I continued with my presentation of the stroke network. Showing off my blog.

Its all about me isn't it? Lol

And the Neuropsych ologist reported that I'm narcissistic. I wonder how she figured that out. Oh yea that exam was 8 hours. Lol

Anyway while waiting for the bus I was talking to a gentleman and he said he had a stroke 2 years ago. I said mine was 22 months ago this Saturday. I invited him to our next meeting.

Then Wednesday I went to the dentist for a cleaning a new hygienist, she knew about my stroke its in my file. Her husband had a stroke 6 years ago we shared some stories. Of course a few times she had to wipe water etc off my face. I said thank God that's the only drull you gave to clean up. She laughed and said I've got gtandbabies but that's fun drull.

The today at the hospital one of the nurses stopped me to confine in me her boyfriend had a few tias last week. So I told her if he ever what to talk to someone that's been through it give me a call and I gave her my cell phone number. I also suggested to both people to check out the stroke network. I said it's open to Survivors, caregivers and professionals.

The nurse did admitt after seeing the challenges and frustrations of her boyfriend she empathizes much more with her patients. Too bad he had to face our life changes but maybe something good will come of it.

I have to say again stroke Survivors... They're everyday.

Peace, love, joy and prayers,



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