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I've heard from Sunshine Hospital's Pain and OT people.



I've got my first appointment and assessment at Sunshine Hospital's Pain and OT Clinic in October 1 at 9.30 am. This follows a referral from my neurologist, Nick Crump. It's a 71 km drive, but I should be able to do it. Anyway, it sounds interesting, and I will be keen to see what they say and suggest.


I don't reckon that medical people, despite their knowledge and experience, ever truly know how a stroke survivor feels. You have to have suffered stroke(s) and survived to really understand and know the pain and distress that accompanies stroke.... Doctors, cardiologists, neurologists and the like may say "I know how you feel", but they don't. Not unless they have suffered stroke.


Anyhow, am down in Melbourne. Watched the grandchildren in their school concert tonight, and it was a real hoot. Very funny and so cute. Made me really appreciate both of them.


In the morning we return to Kyneton. It's Ian's birthday, and we would like to see him during the day, as in the evening we want to watch the AFL match between the Adelaide Crows and the Western Bulldogs at the MCG. And we hope the Crows win!


The match between the Perth Eagles and Hawthorn was a let down. The Eagles won easily......much to the distress of the Victorian commentators...


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Mitch: great news! And they scheduled you relatively quickly as far as Medical stuff goes.


Enjoy your time with the family. Debbie

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I have just re-read my post.....Why oh why does predictive text always change "on" to "in", and when I mean to write "in" it always writes "on"?????

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Too right, Jillza! Great game, and plenty of room for the Crows to improve. I reckon they will really give Hawthorn a run for their money!

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