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Home remedies



My sore throat improved when I gargled with warm salt water,but I had to get a doctor order to be allowed to do it. It helped get rid of the swollen sore throat thing. I had plenty of fresh oranges for vitamin c naturally. I wiped down with a washcloth dipped in ice water to cool down when I felt hot and kept it on my forehead. I drank ice water to cool inside. I drank hot tea to sooth my throat. I ate a salty pickle so I was thirsty and could flush my system with plenty of fluids.

Everyone is getting sick here.

My other roommate had stroke and does not talk now. She will wave and smile at me. Well she has been coughing like she is congested. I keep telling the nurses. One raised her bed a bit. So I tell another one. Today she pushed her lunch tray on the floor. Wonder what she wants to communicate. No one comes in. No doc comes. She cannot complain so I keep telling them she is coughing rattle croupy cough. No one checks it out. I hear her choking on phlegm.They raise her bed up but that is it. Guess they let it run a course.


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Pam, you are learning to work the system to get some of what you need to go through the rigors of nursing home life.  Thank you for being an advocate for your roomie, I am sure she appreciates that.  Hang in there, better things ahead.


(((hugs))) from Sue.

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Pam :


I get so amazed by your inner strength & your strength to stand for yourself & other weak people who don't have medical advocate to stand in-front of bullies & get the job done. I bet your roommate is appreciating all you guys do for each other



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Pam - you have always given more than you have received. But more than that, have been so thankful for the help your roommates have given you. I can only ask that you continue your diligence, as difficult as that is. Bless you and also glad you are feeling a bit better. Debbie

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Thank you. We three in this room have each others back.

Nurse called for cough syrup for our friend so she is resting easy.

The man down hall in motor scooter went to find me a soft cotton gown i prefer when the cna gave me an itchy polyester one. He makes sure I get a seat for bingo. He carried a heavy wooden chair with one arm and impressed us. He doesnt get along with people,but we hit it off.

We are community here. We are individuals deserving dignity. The residents who are long timers speak up for the ones with dementia too. It is nice.


I will always mother everyone. It is who I am. It isnt a bad thing they have seen my temper. Lol.

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