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And the poop goes on



Well, we have had a few nights of fairly good sleep and all seems well with our world today. I have all the Stool Samples ready and in their little brown bag to go to the lab Friday when Hans has his procedures done. His diarrhea problem has been going on now for over a year and that is way too long. We were working with the only Gastro person in our county until he was arrested for sexual assault on two female patients. I really liked that man, too. I was very disappointed in him and so upset that Hans treatment had been interrupted but just settled back to wait things out - kinda thought the situation would right itself. So much for my thinking. It is getting worse. We have tested for Celiac Disease and Lactose Intolerance and neither of those is the problem. Our new Gastro person thinks he can do the scopes without any prep other than just clear liquids the day before. We sure can do that. I found that mixing beef broth with vegetable broth tastes like Beef Vegetable soup. We will be having that for lunch and dinner on Thursday along with lime Jello and lots of apple juice, ginger ale and Sprite. I think just to be on the safe side we will do that on Wednesday, too. That should give him a little cleaner colon and stomach to be looking at. I sure hope we can find out something that will clear up this situation. It is getting to where Hans just moans when he has a bowel movement and of course with the diarrhea it goes everywhere and the washing is monumental. If my washer and dryer ever go out, I will have only about 8 hours to get them replaced before we are smothered with poopey sheets, pads and blankets. If our trash pick up goes on strike, we would be buried in diapers. Those are not pleasant thoughts.


Well, I have promised myself a wonderful warm bath with lots of bubbles and good smelling stuff and then a good shampoo since yesterday. I was just too tired last night and went to bed nasty. Now I have to change my sheets again, too. Oh well. What is one more load of laundry?


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