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Not necessarily amazing but embarrassing moments



When I volunteer at the hospital to give me a meal voucher for $5 I've always gotten the salad bar in its always been under $5 well today as I started walking down the right side of the salad bar my love of hummus took over it was on the other side of so I an abrubt kstop and started going back to the left course I can't see to the left and I bumped into one of the O T's that use to work with me when I did my outpatient therapy she was sweet about it and laughed we both talked about my inability to see then I get over to the other side and load up my salad including a good amount of hummus and pita bread and then when I went to check out it was $6.59 and I had no extra cash I was short $1.69 how embarrassing is that I hate being broke so I guess my my love for humnus put tme into embarrassing situations one was more so than the other.


Pea e, love, joy and prayers,


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I hate it wen a place i love to go to suddenly puts price up.  I usually have the extra money in my handbag but still it gives me a jolt.  Next time you will know and make the choice.

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