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Sunday struggles, not this week



As you know I started seeing a counselor recently we talked about my Sunday struggles and she asked me the ultimate question what did you do priests wrote that you're not doing now?

Answer was quite simple prior to the stroke I always went shopping on Saturday maybe Sunday morning and always make Sunday dinner well no money not driving buses don't run on Sunday I gave up that part of my regular Sunday routine she suggested that I somehow get back into that routine so I asked my wife to pick up specific things so that I could make dinner and she did and this morning I made my standard roast beef dinner did my laundry keeping myself busy staying positive why is it sometimes it's the most simple things that keep us out of the most of rooms that we overlooked until someone points it out to us.

The name of that a simple suggestion but it made all the difference in the world to me today.

Peace, love, joy and prayers,


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I go out to Sunday lunch with some widow friends.  Sunday used to be a hard day for me before I started doing that.  keep on cooking , it brings pleasure to you as you do it and those who eat it too.

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