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I Finally Got 2 Hours to Myself



Today was good!


Chris had breakfast and then fell back to sleep. I could finally go get a shower without having to tell him where I was going and what I was doing. Then I got to go outside and work with my flowers.


Around 1pm, my parents came over, Chris wasn't even cleaned up yet.


My mother asked if I wanted to go out with her for a few hours and my father would stay with Chris. happydance.gif


Well, let me tell you, Chris got washed up really fast, dressed and ready to be transferred to his wheelchair faster than I have ever done it.


He was content to sit with Dad and watch the baseball game and Mom and I went out!!!!!!!!!!! We went to several differents stores - really didn't spend much money - but I finally GOT OUT. I basically I been in the house 24/7 and didn't realize how much I needed to get away. I felt great when I came home and found that Chris can survive without me for awhile.


I am hoping that at least every couple weeks my mom and I can do this just to give me a break.


Now if I could only get a straight 7-8 hours sleep. Chris doesn't sleep straight through the night - but his doctor and I are working on this. Neeeedsleeep.gif

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