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What a surprise!



Due to son's girlfriend living in our house, I had to find a chest of drawers for her to use. The plan was for me to look a used furniture places. So, to get a base of knowledge and be able to know when we had seen a good buy in a used piece, I went to a new furniture store. Found what we wanted there, looked at several used places....smelly and in bad condition. We ended up going back to the new store and got the one we'd seen at first.

While there, showed Hubby the outdoor patio furniture and I was stunned that he said ok on one table and chair set. I thought I'd have to do a lot of talking to get him interested.

What probably helped is that his sister, just this past weekend had him go to her place to assemble a Walmart table and chair set she'd gotten. When he saw the quality of the furniture store set, he was sold. Plus, it's made out of steel so won't get blown around. His sister's is aluminum so it'll be blown around and away, plus her's had the detachable cushions.

I'm not knocking Walmart, I shop there for lots of things, but you get what you pay for.

Needless to say, I"m happy and excited for it's delivery Tuesday around noon. happydance.gif


Tuesday 11:50am

Later last night my son said his dad had been drinking and was feeling no pain when he okayed the purchase. Hubby had spent the day playing golf and then went out for few beers afterward.

So, the combination of beer and his sister's bad investment is reason for my new beautiful Homecrest table and chairs.

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I am so happy for your patio set, I want to have but can't convince hubby yet, we looked at the swing set, but I want patio set, only problem is what do you do inwinter with heavy snow and stuff, but in any case ur hubby let you buy it right away.


have wonderful summer



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