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light bulb moment!?



Its almost been three years (this fall) and I feel pretty good or atleast things are more under control and continue to learn to adapt to this. I noticed last night, that while I know I'll have bruising cause of the plavix, its only on the left effected leg and arm, tho I don't really have any prob using this leg except when really tired now. My mom knows a gal who had stroked in her 50's now in her 60's and said her left side (also the effected one) feels 70 sometimes. After this long I just can't understand how the body can still be "sensitive' or know to have weird residuals still...how can the body know to bruise on that side but the other is fine, I look weird btw cause I garden and bang myself up daily and wonder when did I do this one??? bop.gif Now I can tell people my DH only roughs me up on the left side (KIDDING) spoton.gif Anyone else notice the same kinda thing???? yikes.gif


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I'm not an expert, certainly not a Dr. but could it be that because that side was your affected side, it is more sensitive? I used to be on aspirin - just the 81mg. (full size really bruised me) and even on the 81, I bruised badly, but I can't remember if it was all over or just the one side. Now, since I haven't been permitted any aspirin (I had a bleed) I only bruise occasionally (like a normal person. LOL Anyway, just a thought.
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i don't know about yall, but the reason all of my bruising occurs on my left side is because it is weaker and more prone to be the direction i fall down!!! and more clumsy than the right so it takes worse of a beating. also, since it hasn't as much feeling as the right, i could be over using it and not realizing it and that may cause the "one sided bruising". that's me anyway!!



my two cents!!


kim happydance.gif

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Ray (left side affected) bruises on his left arm because that is his "neglected" side. It means he looks after his right (good) arm but forgets his left. Don't know if that makes sense, but seems to be the way it is.

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