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The magnets say it all



While Patrick was staying at the rehab facility in Carbondale, I would drive the 4 hours to see him whenever I could. He would check himself out of the facility, and we would spend the day seeing what trouble we could get into to, usually going out to eat, walking the mall and such.


On one visit, we went into a store in the mall that sold very touristy/new age items, like incense, oils, paper lanterns, dragon statues, and all kinds of funky feng shui junk (misspelled, I'm sure) and also amusing magnets. They had horoscope magnets, so I found mine and Patrick's. I found them so funny, and pretty darn accurate, that I had to have them. Here is, verbatim, what they say:

(Patrick) Capricorn (the goat)

resourceful. ambitious. determined. organized. realistic. canny. patient. goal oriented. witty. loyal. strong willed. efficient. hard-working. high-standards. fearless. responsible. thoughtful. steadfast. simply irresistible.


(Kristen) Virgo (the virgin)

overcritical. bitchy. fussy. always complaining. pedanic. indecisive. always worrying. shrewd. anal-retentive. annoying. obsessive-compulsive. argumentative.


I am really not THAT bad, am I? I SAID, AM I!!! Gotta go, I think I left the stove on.


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