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Hi all ...I am a survivor in more ways than one....it has been hard being the "patient" as I have always been the "caregiver" the strong one. I lost my son at age 6 after 18 months of cancer (neuroblastoma) in 1972. My former husband had kidney problems and ended up on dialysis..I ran the dialysis machine at home for a little over a year. There was no kidney center near us..closest was 2 hours away so they taught me to do it....I was a widow at 30 with a teenage daughter.

I was a level A pharmacy technician for over 20 years, I went back to school and became a medical assistant and worked for an OB/GYN Dr. who did high risk OB and GYN surgery....I had a headache for about 2 weeks..it was Spring so I didn't think much about it. I have had migraines since my early twenties and also allergies..I took an Excedrin and it would go away until the next day...I woke up and was very off balance and didn't feel right..I told my husband. I called the Dr's off ice and went in immediately..He at first thought a sinus infection, but after some basic neurological tests decided to order an MRI..just to be on the safe side..they found a blood clot just behind my right ear (where the headaches had been)...Back at the office he gave me Plavix (my blood pressure was sky high)..I went home and over the next several hours my symptoms worsened somewhat..payalysis of left side....I have made a good recovery, can walk without walker or cane...and have 95% movement and control of left arm and hand..I have peripheral vision loss..both sides, short term memory problems, and some days a bit "wobbly" but still challenging myself and will not give up!!!!

I just want to Thank Everyone here my stroke was 4/30/03



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Hi Bonnie,


Welcome to the blogger's world! Your story is an inspiration! Keep up the positive outlook.



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Never Give Up!!!! That's what I keep telling my husband. Sometimes he looks at me like I'm crazy.


I'm glad to hear that your doing so well. Blogging is fun and a great way to get things off your chest!!!!!!!!!


Take Care............


Kim smile.gif

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hey bonnie!!!!!!



i am SO glad you are a blogger now. i trust people who love animals, if they hate them, i am suspicious!!!!!!!



glad you have a "farm". welcome to blogging



kim pash.gifpash.gifpash.gif

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Hi Bonnie,

I just left chat where we were chatting and I'd like to formerly welcome you to the blog community.


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cloud9.gif Thanks everyone for a warm welcome, finally got the hang of the blog thing..I think.It is such a warm fuzzy feeling here..I feel "normal" again.

and yes kim we Love animals..we call it the "funny farm" here

I have posted pictures of my llamas and 2 of the goats in the gallery

I too do not trust people who do not like animals. will tell a little more about me in another blog...we all have stories to tell and accomplishments to cheer..thanks again ever so much

warm fuzzies to all

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