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Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras, Ash Wenesday, Lincoln's Birthday And More



February is filled with interesting holidays and other interesting events happening this week and all month long for that matter.... Starting with National Freedom Day last week and Groundhog Day there are about eleven days something is going on in the month of February 2016.... The 50th Superbowl was held on yesterday and the Denver Broncos was the winners....


Chinese New Year is today February 8th, Mardi Gras tomorrow and Ash Wednesday tomorrow the 10th then Lincoln's Birthday on Friday followed by Valentine's Day on Sunday the 14th and President's day on the 15th Wednesday.....


So, a busy month for many of folks and I'll stay home to be safe while my wife goes to the casino.... My traveling is not that good anymore with my walking in disarray..... I'll stay home with the two dogs and probably take them to the vet to get cleaned up a bit.....The little puppy we kept was 5 months old yesterday and very active along with her mom, Princess who is now four years old on January first...


I think this year is about to settle down and many people are paying their bills they made over the holidays.... I didn't do any shopping...


Here is hoping all of you are doing pretty good and those of us still healing from a stroke are recovering just the same.... The weather here in Texas is much better than all the snow in other states and the cold weather..... About the only thing still going on is the people running for President.... Oh well that is about it for now..... :D


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Fred, I have some English visitors coming on 11th February and they don't go back to England till 18th March but will only staying with me off and on as they are doing tours.  So Ii guess February and thatwhole five weeks will fly by for me. Valentine's Day....still looking for someone to be my Valentine.

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Yes February does have a lot of hoildays. it is also my husbands birthday and it is Black History month.  


Fred, in Florida the weather is better then other states, but it  is cold at night, well for Florida it is cold.



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