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Valentines Day On Sunday



I just want to wish all of you a Happy Valentines Day on Sunday as I'm sure you all will be there for your Sweethearts as will I..... Flowers will be the orders of the day in many cases and clothes in many others for sure....


Then there are the rich and famous that may get their Sweetheart a new vehicle for Valentines Day...... I just hope to be alive and well and can tell my wife I love her dearly and thanks so much for sticking here with me through all the health issues I have had over the many years we been together....... I know I'm truly loved by her and she tells me daily.....


So just want to say Happy Valentines Day to all the Ladies on site....... :D


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Fred :


Happy Valentines day to you too. Its fortunate that we have found right love in our life who decided to stick by us in all our up & down journey of life. I already celebrated my valentine Day with hubby on my stroke anniversary date. & we both had great time together.



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Not to put a dampener upon it but Valentine's Day is kind of sad for widows. It is just another reminder that you are alone and the one who really cared about you is not here now. Not that Ray was a romantic man but at least he was by my side.  So thanks for the greetings Fred and one day you can give me that hug you owe me.

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My wife came home with lottery tickets for me today, if I win we will travel to see each one of you all that commented on my blog.....

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