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Presidents Day



Another holiday for many people and there are many ready to go back to work.... Well for me I plan on watching the All Star Basketball game and eat good in a couple hours then sleep late for presidents day.....


None of the lottery tickets my wife gave me were winners... :pullhair:


Be safe everybody.....


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Fred, you can't win them all (lottery tickets are always losers when I get given them) but like me you have enough to eat, abed to sleep in  and a roof over your head and sometimes that has to be enough.

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Thanks for bringing a smile to my face. Sleeping in, eating good, watching a quality game...adds up to a pretty sweet day in my opinion.

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Same to you Fred.  Take it easy, we are blessed, have food, a roof, and loving family. Life is good.

I have stopped buying lottery tickets, come so chose but no tclose  enought lol.  My husband then tells me if you dont buy how can you win. I know I know.



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Sue you know God works in mysterious ways as you know I'm in my fourth marriage and first time I ever had a home paid off in my life.... First time I been married this many years 18 already and I'm still looking for many more with this wife...... She is a keeper for  sure and wants to keep working until she is an old lady...


I think my two wins on lottery years ago was my first and last time I won anything, nothing since then....

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