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The other day/night? I was watching a show on the discovery channel about the worlds most dangerous ants. One of course were the Soldier ants, nasty things. the others were in Brazil and I forgot their names now but they are nasty things...... The destruction a colony can do in a matter of seconds is amazing. Well you may be wondering why I'm blogging about nasty ants? It seems ever since I saw that show, I have ants in my apartment. They keep crawling up my legs when I'm at the computer. Yuck! I guess as long as it isn't a spider..... but I keep seeing those nasty ants biting ect... yup I gave myself paranoia over ants now. Even the garden variety like to join in on a picnic kind. Thought the Ant topic was appropriate for the holiday weekend! Happy Fourth everyone!



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I saw that show too..they were VERRRRY nasty.. I have used "ant traps" you can buy them at Walmart..I agree on the spider thing too.

also I put epsom salts around the edges of floor boards..base boards, helps keep out crawley things


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Great suggestion Marty!! lol_2.gif


Try Raid "House and Garden bug killer" (green can) Pam.


O yeah I have the large variety (ants eh) not many. I catch em with a tissue an flush em. (I hope they are good swimmers eh) flowers.gif


Smiles smile.gif



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Guest lwisman


Try Terro Air Killer. Place a drop of it on a piece of wax paper where the ants will easily find it. They get it on their feet and take back to the nest. Works great.

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Brought back a funny memory:


I was reading a book and in runs Murphy yelping and rubbing his head against the floor. I thought the dog had lost his mind, but found out he had tried to fool with a cow ant and it had a firm grip on his upper lip (do dogs have lips?).


Anyways, put out some ant bait.



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Pam, try dishwashing detergent (we use Dawn) and pour a line at your doorways or windows - wherever the ants are coming in.


Tide (granulated with or without bleach) works too.


We get ants when all the peonies are in bloom - and my crazy next door neighbor gave me this "hint" .. (It's not like I ran outside pouring crap on the ground until I found out what kept the ants away! bouncesmile.gif )



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