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Interesting choice of topics lately, no? I had an experience this morning that I just thought was good solid blog material. Directly out my door, there is a cement sidewalk that wanders eventually to the parking area. The width of the sidewalk is about 2 feet, give or take. Next to the sidewalk is a garden that is full of foundation plantings. The foundationof the house is dry laid rocks, it is an old victorian. So it makes sense that the foundation houses snakes. Snakes in genral don't bother me, unless they startle me, then I scream. But the odd snake hanging out in the sun doesn't bother me at all.

This morning, I was sitting at my little cafe table enjoying the warm sunshine and drinking my coffee(yum, Summer Sunrise) and smoking my cigarette. I happen to notice behind a bush sunning himself was a black colored snake, with jaunty bright yellow pinstripes running down its side. I have no idea what kind of snake it was, but I chose to ignore it. Suddenly the snake starts striking in my direction. Now, mind you I hadn't moved or bothered the smake. It was acting all bothered and aggressive all on its own.


In the last decade or so, there have been some local idiots that took harmless snakes and bred them to poisenouis ones and released them back into the wild. So I figure I had a hybrid on my hands this morning.

What to do? I have no shovel to chop its head off and end its miserable existence. Meanwhile, it is still striking in my direction. It is doing a poor imatation of a cobra before it strikes. Or a puff adder. Anyway, I am amused by its wimpy efforts, I spy a rock. Not a big rock, one about the size of my hand. Now stomping my feet didn't scare it off. The vibrations are supposed to make them go the other way( well it works with rattle snakes) Now, I'm no snake expert. I know very little about snakes. But I took the rock, closed one eye, stuck my tongue out and bit on it for luck and aim and threw the rock. Bingo, it was just striking as I threw the rock, it flipped around and slithered off into the Hosta. But I swear, I could feel it's cold beady *beep* off eyes looking at me. So I came inside and went over my options of what to do. I couldn't call the X up, he's scared of snakes, I always caught and removed snakes in the past. So I called my brother who lives 20 minutes away. He tells me he'll swing by at noon time. Well I haven't seen my snake buddy since I hit him with the rock. I wonder how long before he shows himself again? If he hadn't had an attitude and striking at me, I never would have known he was there. Snake charmer I'm not, hell I'm not even a normal charmer!



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Oh my Oh my


Sounds like your snake buddy is headed for Canada by now. He probably figures that you are too much woman for him eh lol_2.gif


I can just imagine his blog titled "Crazy Rock Lady" You will never guess what happened to me this morning. I was out to a batchelor party for squiggy last night and passed out in the Rock Garden on the way home. I woke up this morning got up and was doing my morning stretch exercise when this crazy lady started making a fuss. Stamping her feet and yelling at me then the next thing I know "Pow" right in the kisser I get this huge rock (darned near broke my neck)


I was outta there in a flash and I am posting this blog as a warning to all snakes stay away from that lady. Boy am I glad that I don't have buns! Cus I am sure that lady would have squeezed the heck outta em. Like, i dunno if it was PMS, or what, but for goodness sake stay outta her garden eh.


Just had to do it Pam cus you know that we all love ya eh.


Smiles smile.gif



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I wasn't going to reply to this but then after reading Gary's snake blog scenario I couldn't help it!! That was cute and funny lol_2.gif . As for the snake I don't think he'll show up again. Afer all Gary said he's headed up to his part of the world. eh! smile.gif


Pam you're right. From what I know about snakes, vibration on the ground is supposed to keep them away. That's why growing up all my life with horses we never had too many hanging around. And I live in snake haven....Florida. Usually when we did find one it was either a big black one or corn snake (harmless) and ate the rats who did hang around because of the horse feed. The rattle snakes definately respected the vibration the horses made from walking or running around and we never saw those. Wow, such interest in a story about a snake!! LOL


Oh one more thought, how dare he interrupt your morning coffee and smoke. He deserved what he got. blahblah1.gif

Cindy smile.gif

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I enjoyed your fake snake blog! If he was woozy from a party, serves him right, bugging me. I only wished I had a bigger rock!


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I was going to stop over for coffee and brownies some day, but now I'm not so sure I want to sit in your garden. Maybe someone could paint you up a sign with that warning that Gary mentioned on it to scare those snakes away?


When are we going to hear more about your Yahoo Personal finds?




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