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Ding Dong the snake is dead!



Well Gary, the little snake never made it up your way. He was back this morning, called my dad, he arrived with the shovel and he took care of my nasty little buddy. My dad couldn't believe how nasty and aggressive he was and he said it was a garden snake, but he has to be a hybrid. So ends the tale of my snake buddy. We gave him a nice burial in the part of the garden he liked to hang out in. I hope there isn't a Mrs. or a grieving girlfriend......


As for yahoo personals, Jean, I've stopped browsing. The person who is in my life is more then enough. Plus, he is a survivor, I'm content. He will remain nameless, if you think you know his identity, please PM me and don't put his name in a reply.

Happy fourth everyone!



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MARTY biggrin2.gif

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Yeah Pam.


I haven't seen one of those either. How many miles per gallon does one of those hybrid snakes get???


Inquiring minds want to know!!!!!!!!!!!! biggrin2.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin2.gif



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Morning Pam


I was happy to read that the ding dong snake is dead eh. (play on words there)


So i don't have to watch for him any more. (As a Canadian Rock Dodger)


Yes that is very strange (sounds more like a lolife or inbred rather than a hybred) lol_2.gif


Will be waiting to hear what the next beastie is that's going to invade.


Keep that can of Raid House and Garden bug killer handy.


pssst secret.gif My best wishes to you with your relationship search (I hope things work out for both of you) Sincerely (you rebel) blush.gif


Smiles smile.gif



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I know who it is!


It's that one guy..... you know who I'm talking about, he lives in that town inside that one state biggrin.gif (couldn't resist).


Glad the nasty wanabe cobra is dead and gone. If you hear the song "My boyfriend's back" playing outside, then don't go out for a while.



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aw gee Michael! Can't you keep a secret without giving it away and making it obvious????????? Argh.gif

Gary, I sincerely hope there aren't anymore beasties! Thanks for the good wishes, eh?


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awww darn pam u couldnt at least let ur lil buddy hang out a lil while longer to spend time with u tonight to watch fireworkshe only wanted a buddy

but as u said ding dong the snake in gone good for u

your secret is safe with me to hun beer.gif

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I'm glad the nasty little snake is gone. It had me worried.


My Dad insists that if you kill a snake, it actually won't die until the sun goes down. I guess this is backwoods folklore or something.


The title of your blog had me looking for ding dongs inside...

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I wish you would have told me you were 'terminating' the snake. I was 'perusing' the internet for snake recipes. I found recipes for baked, deep-fried, barbecued, snake cakes (cimilar to crab cakes), etc.


Oh well, that's okay Pam. And I am glad you found a 'significant other', and I am really excited that he is a 'survivor' also. I think that it will work out because you each know what to expect from each other.



Chef Denny

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I'm surprised that Cinder let you get away with putting "ding dong" and snake in the same sentence. I've heard snake tastes like chicken but nothing is as good as a ding dong.




I've here that tale about not dying until sundown, too. Makes you wonder how that got started, doesn't it.



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you don't give very good hints!!! gimme some time, i like puzzles. oh, and may the snake RIP.



KIM laugh.gif

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No hints. All I will say is he is older then me. gleam.gif





Denny- That was very sweet of you to look for snake recipes, but I think we will let this one slide.....

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Ok, I'll have to pull from my wealth of useless facts and shed some light on the subject.


After death, including death by beheading, a snake can retain it's strike reflex for several hours. This lead to the old tale of a snake not dying until sundown.



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In India there r ot of movies done on grieveing wives and girlfirend of snake who takes revenge, so be careful for litle while biggrin.gif, hey and when did you find new BF and how come I don't know at all give me some hints please.



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Asha, Asha, Asha,


My love life as in stroke recovery is not easy nor will I give it away. I'll give you only these hints, asfter that you are on your own.

1) He is a member here.


2) He is older then me.


3) He is a survivor


4) He lives far away from me.

That is it, no more hints.


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Good thing you added that last hint. Poor Smurf and Steve were about to get themselves in trouble for no reason.





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Yeah, they're in the aim of fire, but they are both married..... happily.

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