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Our Interesting Blog Community



In the past day or two, there have been some interesting questions posed. I for one never thought I'd keep my blog going beyond the first month or two. But I'm glad I have and I enjoy reading the others blogs. When I do things or something happens, I find myself telling myself that is a good blog entry, I'll have to blog that. And I do. Blogging is also a good place not to have to be politically correct or always proper. We can be ourselves in our blogs. Get to know the person beyond the survivor, caregiver role.


But don't expect me to record my relationship with my survivor here. That is for me to know. I was thinking of going public with who it is, but not here in writing I won't.



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Hi Pam smile.gif


You will when you are ready. It must be killin you to keep a secret eh secret.gif


We of course are all waiting with baited breath. rolleyes.gif


A survivor is he? Maybe clues you will leave. That way the answer we will guess and doing it fun we will have. beer.gif


Gary! Shut up eh bop.gif


Smiles and a gleam eh smile.gifgleam.gif


Wink bigwink.gif



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"You must answer me these questions three, ere the other side you see".


What is your name?


What is your quest?


What is your favorite colour?



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Well, let's see. If we had everyone's bios, we could eliminate the women, the married men, the male care-givers and then have some possibilities. Would need a Private I to then try and decifer any clues we could get and then maybe in 2050, we may get the answer.


Maybe, however, the way Stroke Network gets all of the statistics such as # of members, date most people were on etc. could figure how many that would leave.......... roflmao.gifroflmao.gifroflmao.gif

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I have found that blogging has been a great help to me. I can write about all the good things that happen with Chris or the family and I can also write when I'm angry and upset. Like having a diary. Great therapy without paying for it!!!!!!!


Kim smile.gif

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I totally agree with you!

Gary- You already know the answer, have for some time.

Phyllis- good luck in your search....although, I don't think you know him Phyllis.


I was absent that day in class, help me here???


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pam ,


i agree. blogs are very INTERESTING, to say the least. i coud be wrong, but i think michael was being facetious. as for the mystery man????? why keep us in suspense and then TEASE us?????





kim BashHead.gif

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I never miss a chance to quote scenes from Monty Python (that one was from the Holy Grail).


And if I'm not mistaken Kim just called you a tease Pam. tongue.gif



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