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The norovirus is here in our home. We are trapped in our rooms to avoid spread. I am well,so is Roomie.

My friends are ill. Staff is short handed.


I am thankful for being in this sunfilled room, with roomie.


I am weaning off gabba and on 600 lyrica. So far pain is awful.


I am going to be off patches of fentanyl and go onto opana. Next week when the rx comes.


I wait for radioleg procedure in March,if only I can stay well.


Lyrica is at max daily dose and I am still on some Gaba and Pain familiar haunts me. Who ya gonna call?


Oh wonderful news: Free Shoes!

Roomie told me that diabetics get special support shoes free. I asked doc and then I was called for a fitting. I chose from many nice pretty great quality shoes from samples and catalog. I chose an athletic shoe. I will get inserts with them and they are custom fitted.

So I am thrilled!!! And I can get a new pair every year. I learned about avoiding amputation.

WHY in the world,after lifetime diabetic,did it take this long to find out about this,especially since I wear slippers,am verbal about missing shoes,practically live at medical offices,and No one ever mentioned it.


So I am in Limbo waiting. Ever hopeful.


I think I want to get a fit thing to record my steps. Seems fun.


My Roomie has politics channel on 24/7,loud. If I turn it down when She falls asleep,she wakes up. Ear plugs do not work. Yet at times I nod off in front of the tv. I have learned things.

We enjoy our company.

She is interested in my coloring and sometimes we collaborate on a design.

I like my new world here.

Environment is Everything.

Feeling cared for is healing.


My Roomie is like family to me. She welcomed me and we have little things in common. With her I no longer feel alone. ☺


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Pam :


I am glad you found great friend in your roomie even though some of your tastes r different you are both bringing joy in each others lives. I pray you find right medications for your pain then life will be on even keel again

keeping you in my prayers.



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Good find on the shoes it does seem to work that way when it comes to finding out what you can get.  I hope the pain meds get sorted out soon.  Sounds like overall things are going really well at the moment.

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Pam, whoever we live with there are always differences.  I am happy you can find things to be grateful for every day, sunshine, companionship, new shoes!

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I got a question? Do you know how long you will be there where you are now or is it up to you??? I ask that question based on how I would feel if I was in a home, hospital or a facility as you are now???         

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Sounds like things are looking up so happy for you   Glad that you are getting new shoes and if you can put apps on your cell phone you can download a pedometer to count your steps

Hope that you don't get the bug that's going around

Take care and enjoy the sunshine it's good for your mood


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 So please that you are enjoying your sunshine, shoes, and  have a great friend.  


Praying that  you get some meds that work for you.  


Enjoy my dear, keep on finding joy, and hope in each day.



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