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The Day That Comes Every 4 Years



I woke early and got ready for the van to come and take me to PT.

I am on new drug program. I am running out of options. I guess then after I try everything, I can pick the best one. Doc says it does not work that way. Well I wonder why not. I am on 5mg Opana immediate release for break


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U like your way of thinking try everything a d puck the one that suites you Best. What's wrong with that idea?

Hang tough my friend you are in my daily prayers be well and be blessed.


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My neuro told me it was all trial and error until they found the right drug or combo. They want you to believe there is some science to this but for CPS I think it a mix of guesswork and they occasionally sacrifice a chicken to get the voodoo going. Praying they find something that works for you.

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Not guilty, not me this time.  I noticed you had two copies of this so maybe someone else on team deleted it.  As they were slightly different  I left them both here.  I am usually the one who deletes duplicate blogs.  i know it happens a lot and I review them all to see if they are either duplicates or extensions as yours was. Sorry it happened this time. :)

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Oh Sue I deleted the second partial one with no comments! I guess I did not get it all saved properly. I would have deleted this part but there were comments!Thank you guys for even finishing my sentences!

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