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Latest Lunacy in Lucky Month



I am Irish so I am fond of March. I like green shades everywhere. I got a no light gel manicure with aqua blue polish.I bought a pair of dangling shamrocks earrings. I think about the strength Of the Irish when my own is depleted.

Tonight was the strangest thing I tried to stretch my imagination along dotted lines.

I called my pain doc,told how new drug not working. Doc said can discuss at appt. My appt is 3 weeks away and no new openings,no squeezing me in. So good ol boy doc told nurse at nursing home said He would pop on by in a few days to see me but no more rescue shots until he sees me. Well folks that left me high and dry. My pain doc was supposed to always be reliable. She is as long as i get appt.


So the pain doc nurse is sorry sorry,go to the emergency room if it gets too bad. The triage nurse said no doc will do anything unless I go to our ER. Then the nursing home nurse and LVN told me if i went to the ER I would not be allowed back because i was going against medical advice. They brought me a form to sign and said that was from the director of nursing. Whatever. I cannot stand or walk well. I have not slept well. I will not be able To be out of bed. I have cried. I have sobbed at how LVN said Something long in a angry tone.


So I said ok I will sign the form and go to the hospital. LVN said you will? I said let me sign. His fingers stayed on it but I was fast. I snatched it away and thanked him and said I would think about it and get back to them. The woman with him shrieked you need 2 signatures for that. So like is it for my benefit I sign. Why can't they call me a van and let me get help. They left. Some pow wowee went on because no one answered the call light for roomie who wanted a pain pill for fifteeen under an hour.


Roomie said don' t sign that. She offered me a stashed pain pill she had,but I Assured her I had that covered,although I prefer to stay with my med plan but i am not going to suffer. They never bring meds on time.

I made it to morning exhaustedd hoping to get hold of my doc now.


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Nasty people what are the options if you don't go back there?

Then when Social Security denied my disability I thought well maybe there's a few people Social Security I wouldn't mind experiencing this at least for a week or two same thing with those mean people at you if you are nursing facility I think they are experience some of your pain perhaps that would make a difference to them but who knows.

Hang in there my friend I'm praying for you and a pain free day.


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Oh Pam Hugs, I hope it gets sorted out for you soon. Pain is the worst and people don't seem to get how much it can affect you both emotionally and physically.

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I loved your comment "I tried to stretch my imagination along dotted lines." 


I am so sorry to hear about your pain and the failure of your caregivers to get you the help you need. It is so hard when others just can't understand how it effects every aspect of your life. Sending hope and light your way.

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Thank you for your spiritual energy sent my way.

Reading your words sustain me.


My pain doc doubled the extended release opana to 10 mg 2x day. Lvn came back tonight & surprised handing out new dosage to me. He still seems to believe in his mind that his opinion is worth saying outloud. I do not.


Follys as always

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Sending prayers your way. I remember  after my stroke, I was in so much pain. You can not sleep, eat, listen to music, you can not do anything. Humans we are not nice. They are nurse's , they should be more loving, and understanding.  


Hugs, and love are send to you



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