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A special thank you



As you read these words I hope you can relate and understand and appreciate those that have helped us along the way


A special thank you

We all have people in our lives that have impacted us as human beings

The language arts teacher that inspired

The college professor that left an imprint on my being

Free Stroke of course

Now how do I say thank you to those that made me laugh and cry sometimes those who help me jump start my journey

There is and always will be a special of love deep within my soul for all of them:

The doctors.

The nurses

The therapist


does that pushed me when I wanted to quit they refused to allow that

Whether pushing or pulling they made a difference

I can never say thank you with strong enough words to express my debt of gratitude

Some I will never see again

That pains me so

I must live content with the knowledge we are off to unknown places to help others start their journey

God bless them everyone

These gifted souls these angels of mercy and grace

I will miss them very much and I will pray for them everyday



Be blessed and be a blessing,



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