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A free lunch



Sitting in a downtown cafe this today while I was writing my other blog a special thank you waitress came to me and said your lunch is been paid for already and I said well thank you and thanks to whoever did it she said I don't know who it was then a friend of mine who actually is one of the cooks there was covering the cash register and he said you know those two young ladies that were sitting across from you STI said they saw you looked really sad and I wanted to buy your lunch and I said I would have been nice to know so I can thank them and he said there in two or three times a week so he will relay the thank you from me present make sure they understand to that I am anything but sad I must have been concentrating pretty hard on writing those words I guess it shows that if you put out positive energy into the universe it does come back I am so blessed.


Be blessed and be a blessing,


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