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getting ready for discharge



before they'd let me go they wanted to make sure i could do some minor things, in my opinion they left out checking me on some of the major ones;but oh well, i've managed... pt got me ready bbyputting bright yellow tape on my walker saying not to use it for walking... ot took me down to the kitchen and wanted me to make a ssandwichfor myself, no problem, lol, opening the fridge i managed and i grabbed a jar of jelly, got it and the bread to the table, opened the jar, got a knife from the drawer, made the ssandwich.. then she wanted me to wrap it in plastic wrap, not the easiest thing to do one handed, lol, then she tells me to carry it back upstairs to have later... noi'mim in a manual chair and using my good hand to propel with and trying to carry this poorly wrapped gloppy ssandwichin my weak hand that has good movement;but no sensation or proprioception, so i get upstairs and what i have in my hand is a bunch of crumbs and a little jelly, i started laughing, the ot asked me how id get around the problems when i got home... well, i doubt ill be carrying a ssandwichupstairs and down three hallways, and if i do need to carry it, ill use a baggie so that i've got something to grab besides the sandwich itself - they also had me take over my own meds a few weeks before i left, they still kept them and doled them out;but i was supposed to ask for them by name and dosage at the appropriate times - although i think they regretted having me ddothat, lol, i llearnedmy rroommate'smeds, too.... they took me down and had be practice transfers to a normal bed, couch, transfer bench, car, etc - they still ddidn'tthink i could handle it alone, expected id have a friends stay for a few weeks at least;but i'm too stubborn, i was going on my own - oh, there was one thing about rehab i forgot to mention;but it will fit better in a later part of the story, so you're saved from reading about it now smile.gif


tomorrow - discharge and the hotel.....


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