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We today was a blessing beyond compare



Having coffee and a great conversation with the young man who while on his phone was talking to an individual with one of the most unusual names I've ever heard it was my friend it was I found out later it was my friend that comes into the coffee house to play piano and sing every once in awhile she stop by and sat down at the piano and began singing as I was after listening for a half hour it was time for me to go catch my bus I stopped and I said thank you one of what a blessed way to start the day I can't believe how wonderful your gift is she humbly accepted my compliment but I could tell she was embarrassed but she truly is a gifted artist it's always nice to make someone smile just trying to make the world a better place one person at a time.

Be blessed and be a blessing acknowledge the gifts you encounter daily


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I went to my center last week, and one of the Lady got up and started to sing. She was amazing. You are so right Jay that to be so gifted, and share your talent is a blessing.  


I always wanted to sing or draw. Can not do either. At least I know talent when I hear it and see it.





























ways wanted to sing, or draw cannot do either. never mind , i have the good grace to 

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