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Blessed by the love and friendship I have with my theatre family



Second day of rehearsal for the show and I am so humbled by the joy I get from you people that I'm working with I was joking around with the young lady playing the female lead she's 18 and she said I'm one of the youngest one in this group right now right now I said that's true if you look out there right now there's over 100 years of theater experience the problem is most than our old man and they can't remember their lines we both laughed it is such a pleasure to see this young lady with such a gift share the stage with my friends have been so supportive they were very supportive of my wife I was in the hospital for 2 months and I look forward to the opportunity of being back on stage and how cool it will be for them to see me I'm loving my theater experience is so good to be back with the people that I love I'm so glad i audition it is such a passion of mine another small step on mY journey .

Be blessed and be a blessing.



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If it is something you love it will bring you into another dimension in your life.  Love the way you show enthusiasm about life.  Enjoy!

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