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What are you doing out in this weather



Can I said well I have to go to the hospital hi Dr vs Debt just volunteer work it's not like you're getting paid I said my payment come in the form of a smile from a patient when I say something silly like just checking up on you see how you're doing I thought you like to talk to somebody other than a medicalprofessuinal.

Is I look at the storm that we got last night it was freezing rain and then probably 6 to 8 inches on top of that as I look at this storm I would consider as a mild to moderate on the severity scale based on the last 10-15 years however as a look at the storm in light of the last for 5 months this is the worst one we've had this season.

Call the schools are closed call the state county federal and municipal office buildings are closed today even the community college is closed today

Day like today is probably even more important that I get to the hospital because even if the patients have family they may not be able to make it in but I can cuz the buses are running.

I love being that ray of sunshine be blessed and be a blessing



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Jay, you must have had the same storm in Michigan that we had here in New Hampshire. Crazy rain beating on the windows on all sides, a fantastic light show and thunder that nearly sent me to the dog's old hiding place under the bed. Today came in sunny and mild - 58 degrees at present. I need to venture forth (in my mud boots) and see what damage ensues. It is so good of you to go to the hospital regardless. When I was in the hospital I would have loved to talk to a survivor and not just the medical professionals. The people there are fortunate to have you.

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Jay I feel like you do.  I visit people in nursing homes and they look forward to a visit.  I don't do as much as I used to and I do hold off if it is a heavy storm but try and do it the next day.  Be safe is the only rule.

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